Anurag Goel with Hon’ble Mrs Shubha Saxena Ji

PIN Shubha Saxena

Candid Moment:

The world is full of inspiring women whose passion, work and impact in their community encourage us to choose a specific field of study, follow a certain career path, and become economically empowered. We all know how female role models can have a great influence in advancing women’s economic empowerment.

So one of the inspirational women of the universe who inspired me through their actions and valuable contributions to societies and economies across the world.

The lady who inspires me is Hon’ble Mrs Shubha Saxena Ji Feeling happy and blessed to Honour our Chief Guest Hon’ble Mrs Shubha Saxena Ji, Actress at Indian Film Industry, Stalwart of Shambhuka Foundation, Sovereign of Womania in the Event Womania Let’s Flock Together Chapter-1 held at 19th July 2021, at Dayal Paradise.

Thanks a lot Ma’am for your valuable time and blessings always.

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